Happy Anniversary To The Day Place!

Holy smokes! It’s been a year since I signed the lease, started creating The Day Place, and opened our doors in August 2022! 

I often get asked what made me decide to open an adult daycare. After a year now, I’ve decided my answer should be, “Apparently ignorance?!?” It’s really hard to start a business. My relationship with stress and anxiety has become more intimate than I’d prefer.

But …

I believe in the mission of The Day Place more now than I did a year ago. Because it’s working!! I don’t say this to be prideful but to celebrate that we’re seeing positive effects for both Friends and Caregivers. 

Unfortunately, our Friends are going to decline, it’s inevitable, but we work hard to stimulate the brain, prolong activities of daily living and make their days fun and positive. Caregivers are getting breaks to help them continue providing ongoing care. The routine and schedule help the daily rhythm. The cognitive stimulation keeps them alert and tires them out to rest better in the evenings… hopefully reducing sundowning!

Results worth celebrating, if you ask me It’s also been a great year because the support from the Gardendale/North Jefferson community has been enormous…from the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to Mayor Stan Hogeland, Trey at The North Jefferson HeraldGardendale MagazineEXIT Realty of Alabama/MississippiMusicality Studio, LLCMakers Coffee, plus small groups from churches and amazing individuals…all helping us to further the mission of The Day Place, dementia awareness and care!

It’s been a year of gratitude. I want to thank my parents for being a part of my sounding and launching board. They were a captive audience as I inundated them with information I also want to thank the numerous friends, old and new, who have donated money for our puzzle drive or mailed/delivered craft supplies or donated day-to-day items. 

We’ve been blessed with gifts in memory of Loved Ones who have passed before us from dementia. These gifts we’ve received mean more than we can express, we’re not a non-profit, but we’re a small business trying to grow and we’ve used these gifts to enrich the lives of our Friends.

It’s been a super busy year for our small family of 3. The Day Place is definitely a family affair for us. I’m thankful that Ruby loves it, wants to be a part of it, and is always donating her toys/craft supplies to it. All of her puzzles live at The Day Place now I hope she continues to feel this way on our journey.

And then there’s Chris. The Day Place wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. Literally. He has been the right-hand man and supported me and the mission in every possible way.

What a year. Thanks, everybody, for the continued support!

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Gardendale Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to Mayor Stan Hogeland, Treye at The North Jefferson HeraldGardendale MagazineEXIT Realty of Alabama/MississippiMusicality Studio, LLCMakers Coffee


Angela Hammond

Written by Angela Hammond
Licensed Masters Social Worker & The Day Place/Owner