First Annual Food Drive Was a Huge Success!

Our first community food drive hosted by The Day Place just wrapped up! We’ve been amazed by the generosity of others who have donated enough food for us to make 25 boxes. These boxes will be given to the Gardendale Senior Center, which will deliver them to homebound residents already receiving Meals on Wheels.

This project was designed to be a “task with a purpose” for our Friends at The Day Place. As donations were dropped off, we categorized and inventoried the food. Once we had all the food, we divvied up and organized the food into 25 boxes, ensuring the homebound residents of Gardendale get a variety of goodies!

Because our Friends have memory disorders, they often asked why we had all of the food and what we were doing with all the food. Each time they asked, we had the opportunity to share with them the other mission of the food drive, helping others and giving back. The Friends responded with huge smiles and enthusiasm to be a part of it, hopefully giving them a sense of purpose.

We really appreciate you stepping in to support us and our “task with a purpose.” Because we are so blessed to have such amazing donations to share with people in need, we are going to do it again next year! So be on the lookout for our Annual Food Drive in 2024.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Angela Hammond

Written by Angela Hammond
Licensed Masters Social Worker & The Day Place/Owner